vegan & gluten-free food should be yummy!


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GF sourdough Bread & Bake Club, cooking classes, group shopping adventures and more.

Are you struggling with vegan and gluten-free food?

I can help you learn to make really enjoyable meals.

The hardest part about changing eating habits is knowing where to start, how to stock a pantry with new or unfamiliar items, redefining staples, locating these new foods, sourcing recipes that work and taste good (this is especially true for vegan & GF baked goods) and learning all of this ASAP, because stomachs are rumbling, and it’s dinner time.

Basically, it’s do-over time, and it can be overwhelming!

When I went GF in 2008, I was already a good cook with 18 years of vegan experience. Even so, there was a lot of trial and error.  I felt rilllly grumpy and resentful about the change, which I had to do to reduce debilitating chronic pain.

Learning how to make tasty GF versions of my favorite comforts like pizza, bagels, flatbreads and baked goods helped get me out of the grumps, but it took awhile. Mostly it involved being patient and learning new skills.

Finding a friendly, supportive community is also definitely helpful! We have one on Facebook, please come join us!

I can help you make delicious vegan and GF food! I’m super friendly, patient, knowledgable and a good teacher.

I offer in person and virtual classes, and if there’s something specific you need help with, let me know!

Friendly & supportive
in-person or online support

I have a background in education and the natural foods industry, along with over 32 years of vegan knowledge. I’m also a very seasoned GF baker and cook. Let’s go shopping together, or  I can teach you a few tricks in my kitchen, or virtually.

seasoned cook | recipe developer
vegan since 1990 | GF since 2008

I have been an ethical vegan for over 32 years and an avid GF cook for over 15. I’m the author of an award winning cookbook, and I love developing new recipes and playing in the kitchen.

classes in person or online
bread & bake club

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GF Sourdough Mentoring

Want to make your own GF artisan sourdough boules, but don’t know where to start? I can show you how to grow your own starter from scratch with simple flours, walk you through daily feedings and then show you how to use it to make your own beautiful, delicious loaves.

Coming soon…buy my GF Sourdough Boules

GF sourdough bread is SO MUCH BETTER than what’s available in the supermarket, or even our local GF bakeries.

Sign up for my very limited – small batch- Bread & Bake Club. Pre-order a loaf – I will bake and you pick up! Rotating flavors and schedule.

Kombucha Classes

Learn how to make THE BEST TASTING, bubbly kombucha!

You will learn about F1 and F2 fermentation stages, and I’ll show you how to flavor your brew with fruit and specific herbal tea flavors to make vibrant and tasty booch at home.

Schedule a group class with your friends!

Instructional zine coming soon…


GF Flatbread Classes

Learn to make fermented Ethiopian injera, soft mung bean wraps, stuffed potato bread and California style stuffed burritos.

GF Bagel Instruction

Tired of buying mediocre GF bagels? I can show you how to make real boiled and baked bagels! Choose sourdough or yeasted and whatever flavor you want-Not Pumpernickel, Plain, Jalapeno-Cheese, Cinnamon-Cherry,  or Olive-Zatar.

Class comes with the Bagel Factory e-book.

Buy My Instructional cookbooks

Visit the shop to buy instructional, fun and easy to follow cookbooks.

My Publications:

Teff Love adventures in vegan ethiopian cooking

Vegan and gluten-free recipes. Awarded VegNews Magazine 2015 Veggie Awards Cookbook of the Year.

Signed and discounted books are available in the shop!

Bagel Factory -Vegan & gluten-free bagel recipes! Boiled & Baked the real deal!

Coming Soon!

An updated e-book with 10 delicious and uncommon bagel recipes. It’s full of detailed instructions and full color photos  and options for sourdough and marbleing!

super yummy baked tofu for the air fryer

Just updated with 4 new recipes! A self-published e-book utilyzing a unique method for “baking” tofu in the air-fryer.  Lots of fun illustrations and 14 uhmeezing, uncommon flavors with photos of each.

Available in the shop!

Slanty Sweater Knitting Pattern

A PDF download for the cutest asymetrical raglan cardigan. This pattern fits babies and toddlers and is a great stash buster, since you can incorporate as many color changes as you want!

Available in the shop and on Ravelry.